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  • Develop themes for your DotNest sites with the DotNest SDK!

    11/1/2017 5:36:32 PM

    We've talked about this idea within Lombiq for quite a while and it's finally here! The DotNest SDK is the easiest way for developing themes for DotNest sites before deploying them as a Media Theme. It contains the same Orchard code base and all the open-source modules and themes on top of that as what's running on DotNest, so you can run your site locally with confidence that it's going to behave almost exactly the same as the live one. We also have a nice developer story with automatic updates from the SDK to your repository to make sure that you're able to work the latest code (make sure to read the Readme!). The DotNest SDK is available as a Git repository on GitHub and as a Mercurial repository on Bitbucket with continuous bi-directional synchronization powered by Git-Hg Mirror, another awesome Lombiq project.

  • Putting an "about me" blurb at the bottom of each post

    11/1/2017 2:06:00 PM

    By the time you read this, each of the posts in this blog (and the recipe blog) will come with an "about me" blurb at the bottom of the page, in no particular order, Scott Hanselman has one:

  • Enabling Social Meta Tags in Orchard

    10/18/2017 1:01:00 PM

    I've been sharing some of the content I've written via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - mainly reserving the recipes I've been putting together for Facebook and the more technical / professional stuff for LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be fairly aggressive about parsing the content of the linked page and extracting what they think is appropriate meta-data, e.g. any associated image, article title, etc, whereas Twitter seems to rely exclusively on in-page meta data and without it will do nothing other than leave the link in the tweet. This means that, as it's been fairly low down my list of things to do, I've been "faking out" my tweets to make them look kinda, sorta like they've got the metadata associated with them that twitter groks. That said, it's definitely a fake out, one of these things definitely does not look like the other!

  • Making my images play nicely with mobile devices

    10/12/2017 10:31:03 PM

    It was pointed out to me earlier today that whilst the carousel on my home page scales and looks right on everything from desktops to mobile phones, the "top-hat" images I've been including in posts don't play quite as nicely on mobile devices.

  • Bootstrapping a carousel onto my homepage

    10/7/2017 9:29:41 PM

    I've been very (very) aware that the homepage of my site is very text heavy, consisting of a list of the most recent blog posts from techy me and cooking me. Over the past couple of weeks I've poked at some of the available modules for Orchard that purport to allow me to stick a great big image carousel at the top of the page, unfortunately I've not been able to get any of them to work. I suspect that this is due to a combination of some of the breaking changes in Orchard 1.10.x and the fact that most of the modules are very old. I finally decided to bite the bullet today and roll my own solution.

  • A quick and dirty query to find titles of Orchard blog posts that match criteria in SQL

    10/6/2017 5:00:00 AM

    I noticed earlier today that the number of "structured data" items Googles Webmaster Tools was reporting it had found on my website had dropped. Given that I'm continually adding new recipes (albeit it takes a while for Google to process them, but I'm in no rush!), this surprised me a little. There's a graph that shows how the number of structured data items has changed over time in the tools:

  • Orchard "shape tracing"

    10/5/2017 10:50:35 PM

    A very quick, and short, post to point to a feature of Orchard called "Shape Tracing" that allows you to work out how a page is composed, and what views you'd need to create (and indeed it will create them for you!) to override presentation.

  • Adding a summary to Orchard blog posts

    10/4/2017 1:27:30 PM

    One of the things I like about ths blogs hosted at MSDN is that the blog owner can elect to have something different displayed under each post in a listing, instead of the CMS just taking the first N words / M characters and slapping a "read more" link on the end. This means that, for those that want to make the effort, each post can have a sub-title / snappy phrase that describes it. It doesn't even appear in the view of the posting itself (though I'm sure that's something that can be changed?)

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