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  • Publishing a module to the Orchard Gallery

    8/25/2017 5:00:00 AM

    The steps involved in publishing a module to the Orchard Gallery, as documented, are somewhat out of date as trying to follow them didn’t match reality, unfortunately. As I’ve just gone through the process of publishing a module, I’m documenting the steps involved in the process so that (a) when/if I publish another module I can follow them, (b) others might find this and have an easier time of it than I did, and (c) once I’ve got the steps documented here, I can look at updating the Orchard documentation itself so that it reflects what’s actually there (i.e. my blog will be a first draft!)

  • Writing a custom Condition for Orchard - checking the tags on a page

    8/24/2017 6:15:00 AM

    I've previously written about how I've added a standardised warning banner to certain pages in Orchard, so that I can always show something like the text in the image below when I've written a post where I've completley ignored best-practice so that I can get on with doing/explaining/showing something.

  • Adding Google Analytics to Orchard

    8/23/2017 7:00:00 AM

    Google Analytics can show you all kinds of funky stuff about who's viewing your website, what they're viewing and how they're mooching from page to page, and it's very easy to add to your site as Google supply a tiny bit of JavaScript that you need to add to your pages. This bit of JavaScript will look something like this:

  • Improving performance of rendering content items with taxonomies attached

    8/22/2017 6:18:42 PM

    If you are using taxonomies but not displaying them in your summary shapes for example, Orchard will still need to load all the related data because it (un)helpfully adds an alternate to the Content shape to allow you to customize it based on the taxonomy terms associated with the content item. So on pages with a significant number of items being displayed, it can add quite a lot of additional redundant database calls as linked taxonomies are lazily loaded. If you aren't using this feature at all, you can just comment it out. The relevant code is in Orchard.Taxonomies.Shapes.cs:

  • Making the PJS.Bootstrap theme work with Orchard 1.10.x

    8/21/2017 6:18:00 AM

    The PJS.Bootstrap theme, along with several other themes and modules doesn't work when combined with Orchard 1.10.x, with the orchard-debug-YYYY-MM-DD.log files generated in ~/App_Data/Logs containing errors along the lines of:

  • Retrieving the balance_transaction object when creating a charge in Stripe

    8/10/2017 3:03:57 PM

    When making a post request to Stripe's REST api to create a charge, we needed to return information in the balance_transaction object. Stripe offers the ability to expand properties so you don't have to make an additional request to their api for more information, which is cool. To expand a property you add it to the request parameter expand[]. But when making a post request (e.g. creating a charge), I had to wrap it in square brackets like so: [expand][]. Here is a quick example written in C#.

  • Creating an Instagram layout element for Orchard CMS

    7/22/2017 7:54:00 PM

    A sweet feature in orchard is the layouts module, that lets you create complex page layouts from a drag and drop editor. It had also been well thought out with little extras. One is the ability to create layout elements, complete with configuration options, by simply creating the display shape in your theme. Let's give it a whirl.

  • Sending JSON from a WebRequest workflow activity in Orchard CMS

    7/12/2017 8:36:49 PM

    An option for the web request workflow activity is to post your data as JSON. Cool. Unfortunately, due to how orchard evaluates tokens prior to the workflow activity execution, the JSON you enter will be lost. A question on stack overflow brought this issue up, and since I have nothing else to pollute the blogosphere with I'm just rehashing my answer on here.

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