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  • Sending JSON from a WebRequest workflow activity in Orchard CMS

    7/12/2017 8:36:49 PM

    An option for the web request workflow activity is to post your data as JSON. Cool. Unfortunately, due to how orchard evaluates tokens prior to the workflow activity execution, the JSON you enter will be lost. A question on stack overflow brought this issue up, and since I have nothing else to pollute the blogosphere with I'm just rehashing my answer on here.

  • A more user friendly payment model for consuming online content

    7/10/2017 5:36:31 AM

    I subscribe to two news site and support several podcasts via patreon, which I'm happy to do. But as more and more content creators jump to pick up subscribers by hiding content behind subscription models, I find I just cant support them all. Obviously. And frankly, I don't want to subscribe to sites where I may read one or two articles a month. I also reckon there are a whole lot of people in the same boat as me. We have a couple of sites we religiously trawl. And a host of sites we open links to then get blocked and leave. What if they offered the option not to subscribe, but to pay for individual articles. Their arguments are probably that this isn't quite as lucrative an arrangement as subscriptions people forget to cancel but it's a whole lot better than no subscriptions at all. They also may complain that such small transaction fees are pointless when whichever payment provider they choose to use (PayPal etc.) take a hefty cut. But I have answer for that too. I gave this idea a mighty five minutes of thought. Five minutes more than most of my thoughts. Pay five dollars and get credit to read 10 articles. Yay for credits.

  • Sending money with Santander's Android App fails randomly while abroad

    7/10/2017 5:32:43 AM

    In the Santander UK android application, I've recently run into some issues sending money, receiving a message telling me to call my branch. But then I'd try again later and it would work. Random. Actually it wasn't random, just poor handling of timezones and even poorer error handling. I can't actually claim credit for discovering the issue, it was my girlfriend who clocked onto it.

  • Storing JSON in an Orchard workflow activity

    7/9/2017 7:28:57 PM

    When Orchard executes a workflow activity, it evaluates any tokens stored in the data for that activity before sending it to the activity. Because JSON is recognised as a token by Orchard (both use curly braces!), Orchard will attempt to evaluate it, fail and replace it with an empty string. So in your activity, you will have nothing!

  • New module added: Feed Aggregator

    6/27/2017 11:07:17 PM

    Most of the time you don't just want to have a website standing alone but you also want to hook it up with other services, social media integrations being the most basic example. Now we added the Feed Aggregator module to give you more options: It allows you to automatically sync content from RSS and Atom feeds to your DotNest site. So if you want to import content from other blogs, embed images from a remote image gallery or list videos from a YouTube channel, now you can do this easily.

  • New Feed Aggregator module for Orchard CMS

    6/27/2017 10:48:59 PM

    Did you ever wonder: "Hmm, I'd really want to build an RSS reader just for myself"? No? Well, no problem, because now you can do it any way! With our new Feed Aggregator module released for Orchard CMS you can synchronize RSS and Atom feeds to your Orchard site.

  • New theme: Basic Blog Theme

    6/25/2017 9:36:50 PM

    There are a lot of modules available on DotNest, but not that many themes to style your sites. You asked for more, and we listened: the Basic Blog Theme by Márk Bartha is now available for all DotNest sites!

  • Come to GPU Day and see how we allow .NET developers to create hardware

    6/2/2017 9:16:18 PM

    The GPU Day conference, organized by our partner, the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is a now traditional HPC and parallel computing conference in Budapest, Hungary. After last year our Hastlayer project will again be a featured topic on 22-23 June. If you haven't heard, Hastlayer is the magic that can turn your .NET software into hardware, so your program is now substituted by a (faster and less power consuming) computer chip!

  • Laying the foundation of a sporty community - Lombiq's part in a new gymnasium

    5/5/2017 3:52:00 PM

    Here at Lombiq sometimes we "give back" not just to open source projects, but also to local communities of ours. In the town of Solymár, Hungary an initiative was started that we could support: Fészek Waldorf School together with Parthus Sport Association wanted to build a new gymnasium, which would not only serve the school's pupils but also the town's 10 000 residents.

  • Sending texts via Twilio in Orchard CMS

    4/24/2017 9:31:14 AM

    A simple Orchard CMS module for sending texts via Twilio. The module provides a workflow activity called SmsActivity that you can use to send the texts. Just two fields are required: recipients and message. Recipients is a comma separated list of phone numbers. Both fields are tokenized. You can also send texts programmatically by injecting ITwilioService and calling SendSms. Enter your Twilio settings in Settings -> Twilio.

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