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  • This week in Orchard - 05/17/2019

    5/17/2019 2:42:57 PM

    In our post, we would like to give you some tips about how to write localizable text in Orchard Core. We check the new User liquid filters, the new Twitter integration and many more!

  • This week in Orchard - 05/10/2019

    5/10/2019 3:41:30 PM

    In our post, we would like to give you a walkthrough about how to use the localization files in Orchard Core. With the localization files, we will see the brand new RTL support and close our post with the new attached media field!

  • This week in Orchard - 05/03/2019

    5/3/2019 9:53:00 AM

    The content localization for Orchard Core reached a huge milestone! Don't hesitate to read our post about the newest awesome features of the CMS!

  • This week in Orchard - 04/26/2019

    4/26/2019 12:43:36 PM

    There was no Orchard Podcast this week, but we have lots of news around Orchard Core and new PRs that will be added to Orchard Core soon!

  • This week in Orchard - 04/19/2019

    4/19/2019 1:06:00 PM

    In our post we review the happenings after the Beta 3 release, then head to the open pull request of Orchard Core and see what will be merged soon, that will be available for the next release!

  • This week in Orchard - 04/12/2019

    4/12/2019 12:24:00 PM

    There was no Orchard Podcast this week, but we have lots of news around Orchard Core and the Orchard Core Beta 3 release!

  • This week in Orchard - 04/05/2019

    4/5/2019 8:57:30 AM

    Orchard Core Beta 3 is here! Read our post about the latest improvements of the new release and a way about how we could store static media files in the future using Orchard Core!

  • This week in Orchard - 03/29/2019

    3/29/2019 4:21:00 PM

    Read our post about tons of new documentation for Orchard Core and the way about how to prevent doc changes from running the CIs. In the current post, you could also learn about how to work with PO files in Orchard Core?

  • This week in Orchard - 03/22/2019

    3/22/2019 12:09:20 PM

    Read our post about implementing content type permissions, prevent loading all workflows in the startup and many more. In this week you will also learn about when you should use layers?

  • This week in Orchard - 03/15/2019

    3/15/2019 12:24:00 PM

    Orchard 1.10.3 is here! Read our post about adding Guides to the documentation of Orchard Core, improving the liquid encoding, and many more!

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