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  • This week in Orchard - 03/15/2019

    3/15/2019 12:24:00 PM

    Orchard 1.10.3 is here! Read our post about adding Guides to the documentation of Orchard Core, improving the liquid encoding, and many more!

  • This week in Orchard - 03/08/2019

    3/8/2019 8:31:00 PM

    The release notes for Orchard 1.10.3 is here! Read our post for the latest features that will be available in the Beta 3 release of Orchard Core!

  • This week in Orchard - 03/01/2019

    3/1/2019 2:59:48 PM

    A new Metadata module, ways to allow theming for Login/Registration/ResetPassword screens, and adding configurable upload limits are the topics of this week. Check out our current post!

  • Building a website for the Biomedical Optics community - Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative website case study

    2/17/2019 12:38:02 PM

    It's always great to see when the technologies developed by us are serving scientific research, something we at Lombiq are quite keen on. This time Orchard and DotNest proved to be useful for the Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative, who work on open-source computational (virtual) technologies for the Biomedical Optics community. So let's see what they have built!

  • This week in Orchard - 02/15/2019

    2/15/2019 12:54:15 PM

    The work on localization has been started for Orchard Core by implementing content item cloning. The Beta 3 release is almost ready too!

  • This week in Orchard - 02/08/2019

    2/8/2019 12:57:05 PM

    This week in Orchard is here with several improvements and bug fixes for Orchard Core! Check out our post for the new Let's Encrypt module too!

  • This week in Orchard - 02/01/2019

    2/1/2019 7:01:38 PM

    Orchard Core gets a huge configuration change to move closer to the Beta 3 release! Check out our post for the latest news around Orchard Core and Lombiq!

  • This week in Orchard - 01/25/2019

    1/26/2019 12:41:00 AM

    Interested in a new website built in Orchard Core? Or the status of the Beta 3 release? Or you want to learn how to develop in Orchard Core? Well, it will be definitely your post!

  • This week in Orchard - 01/18/2019

    1/18/2019 1:46:27 PM

    This week is about to improve the new Try Orchard Core, therefore new features added to Orchard Core to manage tenants. And of course, the Lombiq Orchard Visual Studio Extension got a huge update!

  • This week in Orchard - 01/11/2019

    1/11/2019 5:00:03 PM

    We had no meeting since the 18th of December so, now we have a lot of improvements to talk about regarding Orchard Core. Let's see them one by one!

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