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  • Lombiq Helpful Extensions, HTML script sanitizer - This week in Orchard (30/05/2020)

    5/30/2020 6:24:52 PM

    Have you ever had a hard time implementing the migration files of your content types that you have constructed using the admin UI? Let us show you the Code Generation Helpful Extensions that generate the C# code for you in a click from the admin UI! This week we are also showing you a new and useful feature of Orchard Core about how to sanitize your HTML in an easy way!

  • New Orchard Core theme, Make Content recipe step idempotent - This week in Orchard (16/05/2020)

    5/16/2020 9:05:35 PM

    Are you tired of the existing built-in themes in Orchard Core? Do you want to try new ones? Well, let us show you a brand new theme called The Medium Theme! The scheduled publish feature now can be used with the nightly build packages! And if you want to expand your knowledge you can read about the security-critical permissions, the new methods in the IContentHandler interface, and many more!

  • Named style and script Tag Helpers, This is Lombiq! - This week in Orchard (09/05/2020)

    5/9/2020 12:30:23 PM

    Have you ever developed a great feature for Orchard Core that you wanted to add to the source code, but you were not sure about how to contribute the code and submit a pull request? And do you want to know the team behind all that we do at Lombiq Technologies? Here are all the faces, the whole Lombiq team. This is Lombiq! Don't hesitate and check our current post for more!

  • How to fix "InvalidDataException: Form value count limit 1024 exceeded." in Orchard Core - Orchard Nuggets

    5/4/2020 9:35:06 PM

    Let's suppose you're building your shiny new Orchard Core website. In there you're also building a shiny new page, with Flow Part obviously. You throw together a lot of widgets to get all the bells and whistles on the page, then you save it and BAM! Internal Server Error: "InvalidDataException: Form value count limit 1024 exceeded." What's this, did I break Orchard? Is Orchard trying to break me? Let's fix this!

  • How to add a breadcrumb menu in Orchard Core - Orchard Nuggets

    5/2/2020 11:30:24 PM

    A breadcrumb menu is a simple but effective navigation aid that shows the user where they are in the site's content structure and which path they can take back. It's also part of the web accessibility guidelines. However, there's no feature built into Orchard Core for this. Nevertheless, how to create a breadcrumb menu?

  • Content Picker Menu Item, Kast case study - This week in Orchard (02/05/2020)

    5/2/2020 8:33:00 AM

    Soon you will able to show content items in your menu easily! How? Check our newest This week in Orchard post and read about an amazing demo to see the new Content Picker Menu Item in action! We published a brand new case study this week on our website about the latest Orchard Core site we developed. By reading that study you can see the possibilities that you can easily achieve by using Orchard Core as your CMS! Don't forget to read our whole post for the most interesting news around the community!

  • How to add a favicon under /favicon.ico in Orchard Core - Orchard Nuggets

    4/23/2020 7:20:20 PM

    Every website needs a favicon of course and you can easily add one to your Orchard Core site from a theme or module with a link tag in a template. However, there's a catch: Certain browsers will still search for it (as a first attempt) under the path /favicon.ico. This can be a tiny bit detrimental to the client-side performance, and show up as annoying errors in your logs. So what can you do to serve a favicon under that path too?

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