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  • Using the Content Picker in Liquid Templates in Orchard Core CMS

    9/27/2018 6:58:45 PM

    The Content Picker was recently released for Orchard Core CMS. I want to share a tip on how to use the content picker in a Liquid Template (or view), because it's a bit different from how we used it in Orchard CMS (first version of Orchard). Content Picker for Related Blog Posts Let's say we have a blog in Orchard Core CMS and we want the ability to select and display content related to each...

  • This week in Orchard - 9/21/2018

    9/21/2018 4:32:54 PM

    Check out our current post for loads of demos about Orchard Core and of course for a 2-hour long demo about how to use Orchard Core as a Decoupled CMS!

  • Role Layer Rule Orchard Core CMS Module

    9/16/2018 5:25:30 PM

    I developed a custom Orchard Core CMS Module that provides a role layer rule. The rule, which is a GlobalMethod, allows administrators to specify that all widgets in a particular layer are only displayed to users who are in a specified role. The rule can be used to restrict certain information and functionality to customers, authors, administrators, etc. Enable the custom module from the...

  • This week in Orchard - 9/14/2018

    9/14/2018 12:50:00 PM

    Check out our current post for the Dynamic compilation with C# 7.3 support in Orchard 1.x and for a lot of exciting Orchard Core improvements!

  • Bootstrap 4 Carousel Widget for Orchard Core CMS

    9/3/2018 3:41:33 PM

    I developed a Bootstrap 4 Carousel Widget for Orchard Core CMS. It allows users to add a carousel to their Bootstrap 4 websites with no knowledge of HTML, yet at the same time, allow Orchard Core developers to modify and extend the module for easy customization. I built the widget for an upcoming developer presentation so I purposely used new features in Orchard Core CMS, including: new field...

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