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  • Orchard Core CMS Shortcodes and Shortcode Delegates

    8/20/2020 3:42:39 PM

    In the previous Orchard Core CMS Tutorial I talked about shortcodes and shortcode templates in Orchard Core CMS. If you're unfamiliar with shortcodes and the new shortcode templates, I recommend you read that tutorial first, because it will give you the necessary background before diving into shortcode delegates. As mentioned previously, shortcode templates allow you to create shortcodes in the...

  • Shortcodes, Audit Trail - This week in Orchard (31/07/2020)

    7/31/2020 12:09:15 PM

    This week we show you two demos of the brand new upcoming features of Orchard Core! The first one is the Shortcodes feature, that allows text content editors to inject specialized content blocks using custom arguments, like images, twitter embeds, youtube videos, only with simple blocks like [video 123]. The Audit Trail module provides log records for creation, deletion of any Content Type, and events like user events, as you may see it Orchard 1.x. Heads up for a post full of demos!

  • LunrCore, a lightweight search library for .NET

    7/26/2020 9:02:08 AM

    I'm pretty much convinced almost all applications need search. No matter what you're building, you'll likely handle data, and no matter how well you organize it, a good text search is often the fastest way for your users to find what they're looking for. As such, search should be a commodity, a feature that should be as easy as possible to integrate. I'm so convinced of that in fact that my day job is on Azure Cognitive Search, a Microsoft product that provides search as a service and makes indexing smart by adding a customizable pipeline of AI and machine learning enrichments.

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