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  • Orchard Core .NET5 and C# 9

    4/19/2021 1:11:00 PM

    When .NET5 and C# 9 was released I eagerly began developing ASP.NET Core web applications and web API's using the new features. The C# 9 Record Types are especially handy as well as features in EF Core 5 like better handling of many-to-many relationships. As an Orchard Core developer I eagerly awaited for .NET5 and C# 9 support in Orchard Core as well. It took longer than I had hoped, but in the...

  • Install .NET5 on Ubuntu 20.04

    4/7/2021 8:13:16 PM

    Although I have and continue to spend the majority of my time developing .NET5 ASP.NET Core web applications and web API's on macOS, I've noticed that I very much enjoy developing applications on Ubuntu. Originally I installed Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro, because the majority of the computer science students I tutor also use Ubuntu. Being a huge fan of the JetBrains developer tools, I was excited...

  • Orchard Core SEO Feature

    4/5/2021 3:18:48 PM

    In one of the recent pre-release versions of Orchard Core there is a new Orchard Core SEO feature to help Orchard Core developers and administrators manage meta tags commonly used by search engines and social media sites. The Orchard Core SEO feature does 3 things at this time. First, it helps one enter common and custom meta tags used by search engines to help index your Orchard Core website and...

  • Update Orchard Core NuGet Packages

    4/4/2021 3:24:20 PM

    In addition to being a freelance Orchard Core developer, I am also an Orchard Core trainer. I teach developer teams how to develop, maintain, and deploy professional Orchard Core websites, themes, and modules. As such, I have developed 100's of custom Orchard Core samples to showcase Orchard Core development techniques and best practices. I use these samples as part of my Orchard Core training...

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